Global Expat Pay

Start-up brand & value proposition creation

Global Expat Pay launched in January 2020 as a new software solution and data management service within the Global Mobility sector. As an industry innovator it needed to create a brand identity and value proposition that not only defined the market niche it had created but also illustrated how the solution worked.

This venture funded start-up specifically came to Brewd because of our reputation

Brewd were tasked with creating the brand identity from scratch and working with the business to define the value proposition and key marketing messaging before helping devise the initial go-to-market strategy. This venture funded start-up specifically came to Brewd because of our reputation for delivering effective brand, messaging and marketing strategies efficiently.

Working with a literal day one start-up

  • Refining the market positioning for a genuine industry innovation
  • Delivering the whole ‘objective’ challenge within three months
  • Integrating key third-party vendors into the marketing message
  • Revising key content strategy to meet demands of Covid-19 impact

A collaborative approach

Brewd believe in taking a collaborative approach with brand and proposition development utilising Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle as our foundation and guide. To help Brewd integrate immediately with the fledgling business we ran several homework sessions on brand, audience and messaging before launching into a series of workshops. These contained up to 12 people, including key industry figures and advisors as well the founders of the business.

Workshop 1 – focused on the brand and proposition. Defining what you do, how and why you do it. Building a brand identity and value proposition for the business as a whole. This also enabled our design team to begin the first drafts of the visual identity.

Workshop 2 – focused on audience and messaging. Defining your market positioning, the relevant audience, personas and what messaging will resonate.

The outputs to these workshops was a fully realised brand and corporate identity, a complete brand and value proposition, key target persona and messaging matrix and full marketing strategy. Brewd then began the development of the company website and core marketing content.

The overall outcome

  • Full brand, positioning and proposition document delivered to the client November 2019
  • Website launched January 2020
  • Company launched January 2020
  • Online diagnostic tool launched February 2020
  • Revised marketing content strategy launched May 2020 inresponse to Covid-19 effects on the business
"Brewd helped us create and launch a new brand for a niche service in a specialised market and they did successfully and at pace. It was a collaborative, fun and rewarding process and the success of GEP is proof of their skill and expertise."
Mike Hibberd, CEO, Global Expat Pay

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