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Don’t bury your best ideas behind dodgy design

Brands and websites
for B2B startups.

Your brand won’t make or break your B2B startup. But poor design will make it hard for people to trust you.

Enter the LVB*

*WTF’s an LVB?
A Lovable, Viable, Believable brand is the look and feel your early investors and customers will love, believe and buy into.
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Your investors and customers need to click with and trust you at first glance.

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Your brand needs to be solid, scalable and easy to apply so everything you do looks slick.

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You need a brand customers ‘get’ and investors buy into to raise capital and drive leads.

Build a brand that pitches itself

Our B2B clients know that a compelling, confusion-free brand does the pitching for you.
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Raising awareness for Intersoft

As a B2B software firm in a niche market, it’s so important to have the right product branding. We’ve gone from something that didn’t look right or show why anyone should use us to a brand that communicates our values and USPs.

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Increasing market share for Tiller

We wouldn't be where we are without the branding Brewd created. It conveys our message in a split second which we need in a market with lots of competitors with similar pricing.

Get 20 years of B2B brand experience in your corner

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Chat with our startup branding expert — Steve

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Steve Miller profile photo
Steve Miller
Founder —
Creative Director
Steve leads Brewd. A designer for almost twenty years, he’s helped to create and grow brands for diverse B2B startups and disruptive tech companies.
Having built an entire design department and two agencies with little-to-no investment, Steve has first-hand founder experience – juggling all the plates, wearing all the hats and being in five places at once. Outside of work he’s found herding his young sons and battling his obsession with Minecraft and Newcastle United. Sadly, there is no known cure.

Your B2B start up is scaling, but you need more traction.

You worry that your brand isn’t convincing enough. You want a solid proposition people quickly buy into. A site and materials you’re never ashamed to share. We’ve got you. You’ll be IPO-ready in no time with our no-nonsense two-step approach.

Step 1:

The LVB Startup


Want to see if it’s a fit? Let’s chat
Discover what’s possible with a fun, informal 2-hour deep dive call where we’ll dig into your startup strategy, your offer and how to bring it to life. Afterwards, you’ll receive a detailed LVB plan that gives you:
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A no-nonsense plan for a lovable, viable and believable brand

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Insight into what’s working and what’s not

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The exact steps you need to take next so your startup gains traction

If you don’t feel we can help your startup hit its goals, there’s no commitment to work together, but if you do - we can get going immediately and apply the Framework cost to any project moving forward.

Step 2:

The LVB Startup

Starts at £4,999

Want to see if it’s a fit? Let’s chat
Your Framework will show you the easiest way to build product love, trust and fans. The LVB Startup Brand is about building you a brand that people believe in and buy into and executing it in a streamlined way.
Every startup is unique, but this service always includes exploring three Stylescapes for your LVB brand identity upgrade. We’ll develop the one you love best into a final concept. Then we’ll create polished brand assets (such as sales decks) ready for you to plug and play, copy and paste.
Because you have huge sales goals, and your brand is holding you back from achieving them, we get it done in weeks, not months.
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Plus — you can take it up a notch with the LVB Startup Brand + website package from only £9,999

Startup branding FAQs

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Your LVB brand pays for itself again and again and again

You can get started today for only £299
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Lovable. Viable. Believable.
Brands and websites for B2B startups.

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