Steve Miller
July 31, 2023

How poor brand design negatively impacts your tech start-up

Most businesses rely on brand equity built over time to achieve sales. Start-ups, however, face a unique challenge. You lack the luxury of time.

You’re on the clock to generate sales at an accelerated rate, simultaneously demonstrating to investors that there’s a large enough market to justify investment and providing an excellent user experience for early adopters.

When time is ticking, you need to capitalise on that fundamental first impression to generate sales - or risk facing the financial consequences.

Strong branding establishes trust and creates connection

First impressions matter. You have seconds to demonstrate that your brand is lovable, viable, believable – and investable (our signature metrics for success).

Understanding how design impacts perceptions means you can take proactive measures to make sure your visuals communicate credibility.

Poor design impacts perceptions of professionalism

When describing poor design, our founder, Steve, often uses the analogy that ‘you wouldn’t rock up to a pitch in your gym gear.’

It feels off, and so does a poorly constructed brand.

Inconsistent visuals, clumsy typography, or a generic Canva logo (shudders) send subconscious negative signals to your would-be customers and investors.

They may question your brand’s professionalism, attention to detail, and the competence of a company that neglects its own brand image.

Poor design dilutes your message

Strong brands have a clear message. One that’s been refined over time for maximum efficiency. Our pet hate - and sadly something we see a lot - is when brands are ‘different’ across different platforms and touchpoints in the customer journey.

It jars, creating a disconnect between business and customer – a conversion killer.

Often a diluted message arises from a lack of foundations. Your brand identity and story are the glue that holds your message, meaning, and methods together.

Poor design hands opportunities to your competitors

It sounds a little dramatic when you put it like that, but how many times have you chosen one product or service over another because of the ‘vibe’ of the business?

Whether it’s because of their visual aesthetic or their tone of voice, consumers seek a connection with the brands they buy from. Failing to invest in your brand foundations will cost you money in the short and longer term.

Is your brand investable?

In an industry where trust is a critical factor, the power of brand is undeniable.

A consistent, clear identity is non-negotiable. Especially when seeking early investment or attracting early adopters.

Good news: we can help you build an investable brand. Talk to us today about our LVB framework, and we’ll help your tech start-up stand out from the crowd.

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