Steve Miller
January 17, 2023

Establishing your B2B brand as a thought leader

Show your understanding of their market. In a market flooded with options, customers will search out brands they feel they can trust. Or if you’re breaking the mould and offering something new, you’ll need to work hard to educate your audience on the value of your product. Whichever position you’re in, you have to demonstrate that you either a) know that well-established market inside-out and better than the competition, or b) you’re breaking the mould for good reason, because X, Y and Z just doesn’t work and you know you can do it better.

Compiling all the facts and knowledge you have into a market insight report is a great way of doing this. It allows you and the reader to take a deep dive into what’s happening in the current climate and address how to best respond to it.

Create content that solves an issue

In most cases, if someone has a question they need answering or a problem to overcome, they’ll jump on the internet to try and find a solution. ‘How to guides’ or ebooks that are hosted online are a great tool for laying out a problem your customer/industry may face, and giving them advice on how they can overcome it and (subtly) mention that your product/solution can do this for them.

Provide evidence of your success

It’s all well and good telling people what you can do, but you need to prove your point. Case studies or Q&As with happy customers give prospects re-assurance and provide an engaging way to find out if what you offer is right for them.

And case studies don’t have to be the boring, plain text formats of days gone by. To make them more engaging in this digital age they can be translated into something much more visual, like a recorded head-to-head interview or eye-catching infographic.

Your business is only as good as its people

Let’s face it, it's your people and their knowledge that make your business tick. Seek out opportunities to speak at industry-related events, be interviewed for in industry-specific publications and encourage them to share their knowledge through blogs and LinkedIn articles for the business.

Make your content work hard for you

Once you’ve created content that proves you’re the best at what you do, you need to make it work hard for you and drive traffic to it. Utilise your social media platforms, include it in newsletters or email campaigns, or ask third parties you’re associated with to host it on their website and share it among their community. If you’ve got budget to spare, look at investing it into editorial space to ensure your knowledge is exposed to a wider audience.

Need help creating content that resonates with your audience? Then get in touch. At Brewd we work with a wealth of excellent wordsmiths who can help your business grow.

What's next…

This is the last blog in our mini-series, “How to build a strong B2B brand”. We’ve collated the key takeaways into a useful downloadable ebook which will be available shortly.

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